Filip J. Van Eeckhoutte (born 1964), LL.M. has been a IT/IP-lawyer since 1993.

After graduating from the Institute for Journalists in Brussels, Van Eeckhoutte studied law (from 1988-1992) at the University of Leyden. During his time at university he was editor of the faculty newspaper and the Leiden Journal of International Law. He graduated in international civil law, with European Directives which have contributed to the development of the copyright Act of 1912 as his main subject.

Van Eeckhoutte started his career as a lawyer in procedural practice and increasingly acquired expertise in the fields of intellectual property rights and IT/internet law. In 2001 he put aside his lawyer's practice for a year, in order to gain a more in-depth knowledge of information technology. In that context he wrote courses on marker languages (XML) and style sheets (CSS), and worked as a project manager for an internet company specializing in back office solutions.

Van Eeckhoutte has written and published a short series of books and publishes annotations and articles on intellectual rights and ICT/internet law. He is a member of the Specialist Association for Copyright (VvA), the Dutch Association for IT and Law (NVvIR) and the Association for Media and Communication Law (VMC). In addition, he is a founder/editor in chief of the Dutch law dictionary ( which offers translations in English, publisher of the Belgian Law Dictionary (, which offers translations in French and guest lecturer at the University of Utrecht. Click here for a brief summary (in Dutch) of Van Eeckhoutte's views on internet, which have been published in the professional journal JAVI (Legal Aspects of Internet).

Van Eeckhoutte founded this law office in 2002, where he applies his wide experience in conducting cases and his skills as a legal adviser, negotiator and mediator in the field of intellectual property rights and IT/internet law.